About us

Welcome to the  Black Cat knives web sites. Producer of Black Cat knives is a Slovak company Edge Ltd., which is concerned with importing and distributing of knives since 2001.

Since the establishment of our company, we dealt with the idea of creating our own brand.  We wanted to bring some new, own, interesting and high quality products to the market. The first attempt of our own products was a set of knives called “Tom Knives”, which were specially manufactured based on order in Asia.

However, our main goal was to improve the quality, design and individuality of our knives. Because we didn’t want to mass produce our knives in China or Taiwan, we chose the thorny path through small-lot production in our own shop in Slovakia.

Although the knife is relatively simple tool, the production is technologically and materially very difficult.

So we embarked on the difficult seeking for materials, machinery, subcontractors and financing. Several years of effort culminated in the completion of the first set of four models and the launching of www.blackcatknives.eu on 21st January 2015.

Our greatest appreciation and success will be interest in our products and services and above all satisfied customers.